Who exactly is Marni Kelce?

MarniKelce-210x210Marni is a third generation Colorado native…who has spent all of her life in between Colorado and Southern California, but convinced that there is no better place than the Mile High state! Marni got her real estate license at 18 years old and continued her education at both Fort Lewis College and Colorado State University. Marni worked for a number of years as an assistant to her top ranked real estate mother, Caron Andrews, while also running a limousine company and CJM Enterprises; where she and her partners bought fix and flip properties.  In 2000, Marni began working real estate sales full time and owned and operated Kelce Enterprises from 2002-2011.  Marni has been awarded the coveted 5280 Five Star Realtor award (given to the top 7% of Denver Realtors, based on 10 areas of customer satisfaction), she has also earned Diamond and Double Diamond awards through the SMDRA. Marni holds a FIS designation (Foreclosure Intervention Specialist) and CNE designation (Certified Negotiation Expert).

What does Marni do?

Marni runs a primarily referral based business and continued to work with her mother (who now worked as her assistant), until her untimely passing in March of 2013.  Marni works with both buyers and sellers throughout the South corridor from Denver to Castle Rock and all of the areas in-between.  Marni specializes in lifelong relationships. Marni not only becomes a trusted real estate professional but a friend to most of her clients.

What else does Marni do?

Marni also runs a wellness business, helping to educate people the benefits of toxic-free living. Marni helps people overcome ailments such as migraines, fibroid Malaga, crones disease, manners disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome, eczema, allergies, asthma….(just to name just a few)    Marni is also is a “thrill junky” and enjoys sky-diving, para-gliding, dirt bikes, motorcycles, horseback riding, mountain biking and snowboarding, until she got a compound fracture to her femur by a wayward horse.... and has been a little less...ADVENTUROUS. Wants to try a squirrel suit as a part of her bucket list!

What is Marni into right now?

  • Marni currently is building treehouses on her late mother's 80-acre horse property with her partner and soulmate, Frank.
  • Sharpshooting
  • Tubing with her dogs
  •  Nutritional health

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